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August 19th, 2014

Deal delayed for $1 million Titan Aerospace support (Albuquerque Journal) The money from the state will be used to run a 10-inch water line to the airport, run a sewer line and improve the airport access road. Lombardi: We’ll replace sewer line if we have to – Valley Breeze Lombardi: We’ll replace sewer line if we have to Valley Breeze NORTH PROVIDENCE – Mayor Charles Lombardi responded this week to accusations contained in a lawsuit from resident Teresa Lepore by saying that he feels badly for the 86-year-old widow and is doing everything possible to address her issues with … UICN replacing Highway 160 trench Months after concrete dividers were set up along Highway 160 near Mesquite Avenue, Utilities Inc. Of Central Nevada began the Highway 160 trench backfill project July 28.

sewer line repair

August 19th, 2014

Wellington Avenue sewer repairs near completion – Shore News Today Wellington Avenue sewer repairs near completion Shore News Today A bypass pipe allowed toilets to flush all summer long; however, local residents were inconvenienced greatly. The road was shut down and pumps diverted the groundwater, so repairs to the sewer line to could made. “I can’t say enough about the people in …   Man: City forcing me to pay $15K over sinkhole A Covington man says he may be forced to pay thousands to fix a damaged sewer line that caused a sinkhole.

trenchless sewer replacement

August 19th, 2014

St. Paul sinkhole repairs continue 2 more months — at least (twincities) Work crews have at least two more months of sewer and street repair ahead of them near a giant sinkhole by the intersection of Phalen Boulevard and Johnson Parkway. Los Angeles Pipe Burst A Reminder Of Aging Water Infrastructure In Central Valley – CBS Local Los Angeles Pipe Burst A Reminder Of Aging Water Infrastructure In Central ValleyCBS LocalMax Greenberg of the Trenchless Company in Sacramento works with municipalities in California and Nevada to inspect and upgrade water mains and sewer lines. “Our infrasture is aged and beyond it’s life expectancy,” he said. He says in many central … Oakland Sewer Repair Plumbing Pros at Evenflow Trenchless are Proud to Announce Surpassing 64 Reviews for Trenchless … Sewer repair and replacement experts at Evenflow Trenchless are proud to announce surpassing 62 positive reviews on Yelp. They are also announcing the launch of their new website  . (PRWeb August 16, 2014) Read the full story at

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August 19th, 2014

How to purge the air out of your hot water heating system … This is a video on how to purge the air out of your hot water heating system.It may seem complicated, but it is an easy task that most homeowners can do themselves.It will reduce the girgling of water sound in your system that can be very annoying at times.Thanks for watching and please subscribe! Al. 100-Year-Old Pipe Bursts On 50th Street – WOWT 100-Year-Old Pipe Bursts On 50th StreetWOWTM.U.D. Spent the morning cleaning up a water main break on 50th Street between Martha and Marinda Streets. Crews ended up pulling a 12-foot section of cast iron pipe out of the ground. They believe the pipe was around 100 years old. M.U.D. Finished the …and more » ADP Toronto Plumbing Recommends Drain Inspections to All Homeowners in the Rainy Season Established over 15 years by Andrew Olexiuk, ADP Toronto Plumbing recently issued an advisory to all homeowners to undertake comprehensive drain inspections by licensed plumbing contractors to be prepared to face the upcoming rainy season. (PRWeb August 08, 2014) Read the full story at

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August 19th, 2014

Ellingson Trenchless Pipe Plowing HammerHead Opens First Location in Canada – Trenchless Technology Trenchless TechnologyHammerHead Opens First Location in CanadaTrenchless TechnologyCanadian contractors aren't as familiar with trenchless techniques. Plus, the regulations and worksite demands here are a little different than in the U.S. It's definitely a benefit to have a Canadian office, with someone who knows what they need … Oakland Sewer Repair Plumbing Pros at Evenflow Trenchless are Proud to Announce Surpassing 64 Reviews for Trenchless … Sewer repair and replacement experts at Evenflow Trenchless are proud to announce surpassing 62 positive reviews on Yelp. They are also announcing the launch of their new website Http:// . (PRWeb August 16, 2014) Read the full story at Http://… Marin County Plumbing Services – trenchless plumbing … Marin County Plumbing Services – Professional, experienced, insured and licensed plumbers for all of your plumbing needs in San Rafael and Marin County California. Http:// Proudly providing plumbing services to San Rafael, Novato, Marin County & the Bay Area since 1977. For more information about Trenchless Plumbing, visit our plumbing services page: Http:// Trenchless Sewers – Bay Area Sewer Lines Replaced Without Digging Up Your Entire Lawn! Remember the time that neighbor down the street had their sewer line replaced? The whole lawn and landscaping was torn up, that big pile of dirt, the open trench and when it rained there was mud everywhere. For months the lawn was a neighborhood eye sore. Sewer line replacement is never fun. Why settle for the traditional digging and piles of dirt when there's a better solution? With Amesos Plumbing trenchless sewer repair system, we'll have your drains repaired quickly without destructive, open-trench digging in your lawn, gardens, patio or driveway and there'll be no huge piles of dirt, mud or mess. Sewer Pipe Bursting – With this trenchless sewer repair method, two very small access holes are dug at each end of the sewer line. A cable is run through the entire length of sewer line and attached to a cone shaped tool called a bursting head that is attached to a brand new length of sewer pipe. Using a power hydraulic winch, the bursting head is pulled through breaking up the old pipe while pulling the new pipe in behind it. Sewer Pipe Bursting can easily be performed on a standard 3"-6" residential sewer line. Our clients love us for the plumbing services we provide in Marin County, check out our ratings on Yelp: Http://… Call a licensed plumber in Marin County today for General Plumbing: Residential Plumbing Commercial Plumbing, Plumbing Installations, Pipes, fixtures, sewer maintenance, etc… Maintenance: Maintenance contracts Warranty Work: Including homeowner insurance Remodeling & Additions: All size projects New Construction: Homes and businesses Plumbing Fixture: Repairs and installation Sewer: Line cleaning, repair and installation All plumbing emergency issues: Southern Marin: (415) 388-3837 Central Marin: (415) 457-6363 Northern Marin: (415) 883-6629 Ameso's Plumbing has three locations for plumbing services in Marin County and the Northern California, with our main location at: AMESOS PLUMBING […]

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August 19th, 2014

Brainerd City Council: Two questions go before voters in general election – Brainerd Daily Dispatch Brainerd City Council: Two questions go before voters in general electionBrainerd Daily DispatchHeard a request to reimburse a property owner at 1324 South Seventh Street the cost of having a plumber repair her sewer service last winter. The request was initially denied after the city insurance found the responsibility was on the property owner. American Water Resources Educates Vermont Homeowners About Water Line Repairs American Water Resources, a provider of Service Line Protection and In-Home Plumbing Emergency Programs, is offering Water Line and Sewer Line Protection to homeowners in Vermont.

Underground Pipe Repair

August 19th, 2014

How UCLA flooded on a sunny day (Metafilter) Last Tuesday afternoon, a 30-inch water main burst beneath Sunset Boulevard on the northern edge of the UCLA campus, creating a geyser dozens of feet high. It took more than three hours to shut off the flow of water; by then, eight to ten million gallons of water had been released. The water flooded the UCLA campus, damaging the newly renovated Pauley Pavilion and trapping hundreds of cars in underground parking structures. The failing pipe was reported to be more than 90 years old, calling attention to LA’s aging water system. Sunset Boulevard reopened today. LADWP documented the repair process with a series of photos on Twitter. What’s the real purpose of educational benchmarking? – Washington Post (blog) What’s the real purpose of educational benchmarking?Washington Post (blog)The new map I was helping to construct would enable engineers to locate and repair blockages and breaches and improve the public sanitation of the town. Four of us, all university students, worked over several summers to assemble this new map. Without … Century-old pipe break points to national problem LOS ANGELES (AP) — The rupture of a nearly century-old water main that ripped a 15-foot hole through Sunset Boulevard and turned a swath of the University of California, Los Angeles, into a mucky mess points to the risks and expense many cities face with miles of water lines installed generations ago.

Finding a Good Sewer Line Repair Plumber

August 16th, 2014

Sewer line repair can be a real drag. There’s no question about it. And some people have a difficult time finding the best sewer line replacement and trenchless sewer repair company to handle the job. We understand your frustration. We realize that you only want to deal with the best when it comes to repairing your property. You want a company that does fantastic work at an affordable price. We want you to have that as well, so we’ve decided to share some tips that will help you find a good sewer replacement plumber. Let’s take a look. Tip #1: Use the Better Business Bureau Website When all is said and done, you may have run across dozens of different trenchless repair companies while searching for the right one. And many of them will most likely have excellent references and testimonials. So how do you choose between all of these companies? We feel that you should take a moment to look up each individual service provider on the Better Business Bureau website. So head over to and type in the pertinent information. Look at the results that pop up during your search. What do you see? Does the company have a good rating? We recommend sticking with a company with a high rating, or even an A+ rating since there are many plumbers in your community. Next, how are the complaints? Are there many complaints made against the company? Have these complaints been resolved correctly? Have they been resolved in a timely manner? The BBB website is an excellent resource for all individuals looking to learn more about a business. Use this resource to your advantage. Tip #2: Ask for References If the Better Business Bureau website points you to many great trenchless repair providers, you should ask each one to provide references. Give the references a call and ask these customers about their experience. This is an easy way to gather further information to help you make your decision. Tip #3: Compare Prices Pricing structure should always be a major factor when finding a good sewer line repair plumber. If many plumbers seem to meet your needs, then compare them on price. If one offers a lower price than another, go with the low-cost provider and see what happens. Sewer Line Replacement Nashville TN – 615-671-4739 Sewer Repair Nashville TN- Sewer Repair in Nashville TN Experts for Nashville TN Sewer Repair provided by Nashville TN Trenchless Sewer Repair Pros the very best Sewer Repair in Nashville TN property owners have to select from numerous Sewer Repair Contractors in Nashville TN. Trenchless Sewer Repair Pros of Nashville TN stands out with: Low Prices. Fast Friendly Service. 60 Minute Emergency Service Available. In your area possessed company. Licensed & Insured Sewer Contractor. Specialist Certified Trenchless Sewer Repair Professionals. Sewer Repair in Nashville TN. Require 24 hour sewer line repair works and emergencies in Nashville TN. At Trenchless Sewer Repair Pros of Nashville TN, we value our customers and constantly have […]

What Are Pipe Bursting Contractors?

August 16th, 2014

At this point, pipe bursting contractors are all the rage. They have come up with a unique way to replace a sewer line that is easy and convenient. It’s a lot simpler to accomplish this task by hiring a trenchless company in order to replace a trenchless sewer line. When looking to repair sewer pipe, it would be in your best interest to look into trenchless pipe lining as a viable option for trenchless sewer repair. This is the least invasive way to replace a sewer line without costing you a small fortune or an arm and a leg. We think that this is the smart choice. So we are going to explain the value of pipe bursting and tell you a little bit more about it below. Stick with us to learn more. What Is Pipe Bursting? On the surface, this seems self-explanatory but it could be a little bit confusing. Instead of your pipe exploding in your home and making a complete mess, pipe bursting in this sense is calling a plumber to come to your home and destroy an existing sewer line so that a new one could be put in its place. The plumber will burst through the existing rotting sewer line. This line obviously needs to be replaced, so instead of digging an entire huge trench to get it out of the ground, the plumber will just rip it up from the inside of the hole and then fill in the hole with brand-new pipe. Contractors that handle this type of work are very valuable today. Not only will they help prevent the destruction of your property in order to get to the sewer line, but they’ll do so at a fraction of the cost of what you would have to pay for traditional sewer line repair. You see, trenchless pipe bursting is very inexpensive when compared to traditional removal methods. There’s a lot less work involved and a lot less damage to your home that needs to be fixed. So anytime that you have the opportunity to take advantage of trenchless pipe replacement you should definitely go for it. You’ll save a great deal of money, time and you’ll be happy because it’s a lot more convenient and less invasive to your home.

What Is Trenchless Plumbing?

August 15th, 2014

As many of you have experienced firsthand, having your sewer line burst can create a huge mess and a major plumbing problem that you would most likely rather not deal with. The good thing is that there are numerous ways to fix this problem. You can either go the traditional route by having a plumber dig a trench in order to repair the sewer line or you can consider trenchless plumbing as another alternative. Are you new to the world of trenchless sewer line replacement? If so, there is no need to worry. We will share all of the details about replacing a sewer line through trenchless pipe bursting and trenchless sewer line repair. With that in mind… Let’s begin. What Is Trenchless Repair? The simple way to explain this is to explain traditional repair and then compare it to trenchless repair, so that’s precisely what we are going to do. When repairing a sewer line traditionally, the plumber will come to your home and dig a trench in order to reach the damaged sewer line. The plumber will have to dig a trench big enough to uncover the entire pipe. This could lead to breaking down floors or walls inside of your home as well. This is a costly, messy and unnecessary way to repair a sewer pipe at this time. On the other hand, trenchless repair is a definite option for many, although it’s not necessarily going to work for everyone. Here’s what happens… The plumber will come to your home and run a sewer camera through your sewer pipe to determine the problem. Once the problem is fully determined, the trenchless repairs will commence. To start with, the professionals will dig two holes on each end of the sewer line. Once the holes are dug, they will then run a line connected to a bursting device that they will pull through one end of the pipe to the other. This will break up the existing pipe and leave room for the new sewer line. Once the new sewer line is pulled into place, it’s just a matter of sealing up the holes and being done with the job. Do you see the convenience of trenchless plumbing? It’s much simpler than traditional repair work.

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