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August 19th, 2014

Ellingson Trenchless Pipe Plowing

HammerHead Opens First Location in Canada – Trenchless Technology

Trenchless TechnologyHammerHead Opens First Location in CanadaTrenchless TechnologyCanadian contractors aren't as familiar with trenchless techniques. Plus, the regulations and worksite demands here are a little different than in the U.S. It's definitely a benefit to have a Canadian office, with someone who knows what they need …

Trenchless Technology Directory

Oakland Sewer Repair Plumbing Pros at Evenflow Trenchless are Proud to Announce Surpassing 64 Reviews for Trenchless …

Sewer repair and replacement experts at Evenflow Trenchless are proud to announce surpassing 62 positive reviews on Yelp. They are also announcing the launch of their new website Http:// . (PRWeb August 16, 2014) Read the full story at Http://…

Marin County Plumbing Services – trenchless plumbing …

Marin County Plumbing Services – Professional, experienced, insured and licensed plumbers for all of your plumbing needs in San Rafael and Marin County California.

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Trenchless Sewers – Bay Area
Sewer Lines Replaced Without Digging Up Your Entire Lawn!

Remember the time that neighbor down the street had their sewer line replaced? The whole lawn and landscaping was torn up, that big pile of dirt, the open trench and when it rained there was mud everywhere. For months the lawn was a neighborhood eye sore.

Sewer line replacement is never fun. Why settle for the traditional digging and piles of dirt when there's a better solution?

With Amesos Plumbing trenchless sewer repair system, we'll have your drains repaired quickly without destructive, open-trench digging in your lawn, gardens, patio or driveway and there'll be no huge piles of dirt, mud or mess.

Sewer Pipe Bursting – With this trenchless sewer repair method, two very small access holes are dug at each end of the sewer line. A cable is run through the entire length of sewer line and attached to a cone shaped tool called a bursting head that is attached to a brand new length of sewer pipe. Using a power hydraulic winch, the bursting head is pulled through breaking up the old pipe while pulling the new pipe in behind it. Sewer Pipe Bursting can easily be performed on a standard 3"-6" residential sewer line.

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