What Are Pipe Bursting Contractors?

August 16th, 2014

At this point, pipe bursting contractors are all the rage. They have come up with a unique way to replace a sewer line that is easy and convenient. It’s a lot simpler to accomplish this task by hiring a trenchless company in order to replace a trenchless sewer line.

When looking to repair sewer pipe, it would be in your best interest to look into trenchless pipe lining as a viable option for trenchless sewer repair. This is the least invasive way to replace a sewer line without costing you a small fortune or an arm and a leg.

We think that this is the smart choice. So we are going to explain the value of pipe bursting and tell you a little bit more about it below. Stick with us to learn more.

What Is Pipe Bursting?

trenchlessplumbingOn the surface, this seems self-explanatory but it could be a little bit confusing. Instead of your pipe exploding in your home and making a complete mess, pipe bursting in this sense is calling a plumber to come to your home and destroy an existing sewer line so that a new one could be put in its place.

The plumber will burst through the existing rotting sewer line. This line obviously needs to be replaced, so instead of digging an entire huge trench to get it out of the ground, the plumber will just rip it up from the inside of the hole and then fill in the hole with brand-new pipe.

Contractors that handle this type of work are very valuable today. Not only will they help prevent the destruction of your property in order to get to the sewer line, but they’ll do so at a fraction of the cost of what you would have to pay for traditional sewer line repair.

You see, trenchless pipe bursting is very inexpensive when compared to traditional removal methods. There’s a lot less work involved and a lot less damage to your home that needs to be fixed.

So anytime that you have the opportunity to take advantage of trenchless pipe replacement you should definitely go for it. You’ll save a great deal of money, time and you’ll be happy because it’s a lot more convenient and less invasive to your home.

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